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Academic Success Center

(979) 458-4900 9th floor Rudder Tower

Request a Presentation or Workshop

We are available to speak to current or prospective students about our services or specific academic topics. A list of possible topics is listed below, but we can work with you to customize a presentation or workshop. Be sure to indicate the length of time you have available for our presentation.

Because of limited staff availability, the following conditions apply:

  1. Limit is two presentations per semester for any group.
  2. Requests must be made at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  3. A staff member from the requesting group must be available during the presentation.
  4. We require a minimum of 10 students in attendance for any presentation we give. We reserve the right to cancel a presentation request if this criteria is not met. 
You will find a request form below this list of topics.

Also, for some of our topics, check out our lesson plans, in case you'd like to go solo.

Questions about lesson plans or presentations can be directed to Julie Hurley at
Overview of ASC Services   15 or 30 mins. What does the Academic Success Center do and how does it help students? We introduce our services, from academic coaching and workshops to StudyHub, Supplemental Instruction, and tutoring. We include a brief discussion of a few  basic, tried-and-true strategies that lead to academic success.

Lesson Plan: ASC Overview & Top Ten Tips for Academic Success
Textbook Reading 30 or 60 mins. Managing the sheer volume of college reading assignments, retaining critical information, and warding off distractions can be tough, especially for students in the first year. We provide tips on focus, the concentration cycle, and reading strategies so that students can maximize what they learn from reading.

Lesson Plan: Academic Reading
Top 10 Tips for a Successful Semester 30 or 60 mins. This presentation highlights 10 fundamental tips that can equip students with tools for college success. We cover basics such as attending class and doing homework as well as time management, note-taking, exam preparation, and campus resources.

Lesson Plan: ASC Overview & Top Ten Tips for Academic Success
Developing Self-Discipline 30 or 60 mins. Since much of college learning happens outside of class, having the self-discipline to commit to a dedicated and diligent study schedule can be the key difference between students who excel and those who struggle. We  share tangible tools students  can use to establish and practice a study regimen that they can turn into a positive habit.

Lesson Plan: Developing Self-Discipline
Preparing for Exams 30 or 60 mins. This presentation teaches how to improve exam preparation. We provide an overview of the the “5 Day Study Plan,” a proven approach. We also introduce active study strategies that help increase learning and retention of material beyond just rote memorization.

Lesson Plan: Exam Preparation
Goal Setting & Motivation  30 or 60 mins. In order to learn, students need to be motivated to put in work. Setting long-term goals and breaking them down into shorter, more immediate goals drives motivation. We explore students' personal passions and values to help them set goals and find motivation to achieve them.  

Lesson Plan: Goal Setting & Motivation
Note-Taking 30 or 60 mins. Because students work and learn differently, there’s no single prescription for taking effective notes. There are, however, ways that maximize recording the most important material and doing so in a form that best suits various learning preferences. We provide an overview of note-taking methods and strategies for creating succinct, clear, and concise notes.

Lesson Plan: Note-Taking
Bloom's Taxonomy 30 or 60 mins. Based on a cognitive theory of learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy illustrates how recall of basic facts and concepts provides a foundation for critical thinking and for applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating knowledge. We introduce students to Bloom’s Taxonomy and demonstrate how it applies to learning so that they can better understand college-level expectations for learners.  

Lesson Plan: Bloom's Taxonomy
Time Management 30 or 60 mins. This presentation teaches time management skills. We introduce strategies for balancing the time required to excel academically with time to participate in extracurricular activities and meet other daily commitments. Students learn the basics for creating an effective and efficient study schedule.

Lesson Plan: Time Management

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