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Academic Success Center

(979) 458-4900 9th floor Rudder Tower

Courses & Workshops

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We offer two credit-bearing courses:
  1. ASCC 101: Application of Learning Theories to College Studies (formerly STLC 101)
  2. ASCC 289: Special Topics.
You can register for ASCC courses through the regular registration process in Howdy. Some courses or seats in some course sections may be reserved for students in targeted programs.

If you have questions about an ASCC course, contact Dr. Joel McGee (  

Workshop Series

We offer three workshop series for students. We recommend that you do not repeat a series without first consulting an academic coach or Academic Success Center instructor. 

Commit to Success

The Commit to Success workshops are a multi-session workshop series with a total of 6 hours of instruction. Topics include learning theory and learning models, goal setting, motivation, learning and study strategies, and time management. Classes are structured so that you complete an activity designed to apply active learning strategies to your current classes. If, at the end of the series, you have attended all six sessions and completed all activities, you will receive a certificate of completion. There is no cost for attending Commit to Success workshops. See below for information on the schedule and registering.

Motivation Matters

Motivation Matters offers a multi-session workshop series with a total of 6 hours of instruction. It focuses on motivation, mindsets, goal-setting, and overcoming difficulties. Motivation Matters will help you develop strong mental skills that are conducive to academic success and to success beyond your time at Texas A &M.


The GRIT workshop is a multi-session workshop series with a total of 6 hours of instruction. It is organized around three major topics that include the fear of failing, mindsets that affect academic performance, and developing resilience to overcome previous failure. Classes are designed to include brief lectures, group thinking, videos, and tangible activities to understand and apply information being discussed in the workshop.

To register for workshops:

  1. Follow this link to the ERS: Event Registration System.  
  2. Login with your NetID and password.
  3. Click on the Academic Success Center link on the left.
  4. Choose your event and click on Register button.