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Academic Success Center

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Tutoring & TutorHubs


Are you looking for academic tutoring? You are in the right place.
Details about ASC tutoring, the Math Learning Center, Tutor Matching Service, and StudyHUB can be found below. 





Spring 2023 Courses:

ACCT 209, 229, 230, 327
BIOL 111, 112
CHEM 107, 119, 120, 227, 228
ECON 202
ENGR 102, 216, 217
FINC 341
PHYS 201, 202, 206, 207, 216, 217

If you are taking one of the courses listed above and would like to make an appointment, go to Navigate. Follow the step-by-step guide in the section below which gives directions for making a tutoring appointment. 

If you are looking for support for a course that is not listed above, please refer to StudyHUB and Math Learning Center.   

If you do not see any appointments slots, please see the FAQ section below for possible reasons why no appointments are available. 

ASC Tutoring Services


1:1 Tutoring by Appointment

The ASC offers one-to-one appointment tutoring in a number of lower-level business, engineering, and science courses. Appointments last 30 minutes. These appointments may be offered in-person in a number of locations around campus or virtually.



Small Group Tutoring by Appointment

The ASC offers in-person small group appointment tutoring in a number of lower-level business, engineering, and science courses. All  students attending the small group appointment will be in the same subject, such as PHYS 207, but may not be in the same section. Appointments last 60 minutes. Usually, there will be 1 tutor for up to 5 students. These appointments are offered in a number of locations around campus.




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How to Make an Appointment in Navigate

Tutoring appointments are available through Navigate only for the courses listed in the Courses Available for ASC Tutoring - Fall 2022 section above. This step-by-step guide provides instructions for scheduling a tutoring appointment in Navigate.

You can book appointments from up to 2 weeks in advance until an hour before the scheduled appointment time. Be sure to read through the Frequently Asked Questions below regarding why you might not see any appointments for your class, how to prepare for your appointment, what happens if you are late, what happens if you miss your appointment, and how to cancel your appointment.



Other Academic Support Resources


Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center fosters the academic success of Texas A&M students by supporting the high-enrollment courses with significant mathematics, statistics, and quantitative reasoning content, particularly those courses that fulfill core curriculum requirements. Faculty from various collaborating departments, as well as skilled graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate mentors, promote the growth of students’ conceptual and practical math skills through tutoring, study sessions, workshops, and weekly reviews. The Math Learning Center provides a welcoming and inclusive environment and takes alternative and flexible approaches to learning.



Tutor Matching Service

While we encourage students to use on-campus or ASC tutoring for courses that we support (as listed in StudyHub), we are excited to promote our partnership with Tutor Matching Service (TMS). TMS is a fee-based, online tutor marketplace that allows students to identify tutors and book online  sessions in a variety of courses. Tutors set their own rates. Students pay TMS with a credit card. Visit TMS online to locate the TAMU campus list of tutors

Activate a Tutor Profile on TMS

If you would like to create a tutor profile on TMS, you must be a current student at Texas A&M University. We can send you the requirements and steps to complete to activate your profile. Email from your @tamu email with the subject line: TMS Profile.   

Academic support is available from multiple departments at Texas A&M University. StudyHub is an online, searchable database of on-campus academic resources created and maintained by the Academic Success Center. Think of it as a one-stop shop for finding all types of academic support by subject area, type of support, or location. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The ASC has identified a number of courses that will be offered in the 30-minute and 1-hour appointment format. This list of courses is located in the "Courses Available for ASC Tutoring" section above and will be updated prior to each semester. Be sure to check the list from time to time as it is possible that additional courses could be added during the semester.
If you do not see your course listed, look at the other academic support resources to see if other on-campus departments support your course. If not, see if your course is offered through Tutor Matching Service.
We want to ensure that both you and your ASC tutor can can easily keep track of appointments, adequately prepare for the tutoring session, receive appointment reminders, and receive notifications if the appointment is cancelled by the tutor.
If the ASC offers support in a course your are taking, you can schedule your appointment through Navigate, either from a laptop or the Navigate app. For detailed directions on how to schedule an appointment, see the step-by-step guide. Your appointment confirmation contains information about the day, time, and specific location of your appointment.  If your appointment is in either the Leach Learning Center in Zachry or Evans Library, your confirmation will indicate a specific room number or location description, such as open area outside the University Writing Center. If your appointment is online, you will be provided a zoom link. 
You will be able to book an appointment 2 weeks in advance and up to 1 hour before the appointment start time. Waiting until the day of the appointment may result in no availability for your course. If that is the case, move through the days until you find an appointment time. We do expect that some courses will have a higher demand than other courses. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment as far in advance as possible.

30-Minute appointments: these appointments may be offered in-person or virtual. A 30-minute appointment is ideal if you have a quick question or questions that you believe can be answered in a shorter period of time. Not all courses listed have 30-minute appointments.

1-Hour appointments: The ASC has identified a number of 1st and 2nd year courses that will be offered in the 1-hour appointment format. This type of appointment is ideal if you have questions or concepts that take longer work processes and work through. These 1-hour appointments are focused only on one course so other students in the same appointment are also enrolled in the same course. This is an excellent opportunity to not only work with a tutor, but other students who are also taking the same course.  Not all courses listed have 1-hour appointments.

Prepare ahead of time and come with specific questions/goals. Be sure to have attempted any problems. When you make your appointment, provide a brief description of the type of problem, concept or even the specific question. This will help the tutor have an idea of how to support you during the session.

In Navigate, locate the tutor appointment you wish to cancel and provide a reason. Select Mark as Cancelled.

Be mindful that there are more students wanting help than there are available appointments. If you need to cancel, do so as far in advance as possible but at minimum 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This provides another Aggie the opportunity to get the help they need. Cancelling less than hour before your appointment can result in suspension of tutor appointment privileges.

No Show Policy

30-Minute appointments: after 10 minutes, appointment will be marked as a no-show

1-Hour appointments: after 15 minutes, appointment will be marked as a no-show

Students who have two no-shows will be prohibited from making additional appointments until they have consulted with a member of the ASC tutoring staff. To remove the block, email: with an explanation of why you no-showed both appointments. Reinstatement of the ability to make additional appointments will be made on a case-by-case basis. Students who have more than 4 missed appointments within the same semester, will be prohibited from making additional appointments for that semester.

There may be a few reasons that you are unable to see appointments for your course:

  • There are no available appointments for the date you selected. Try selecting another date.
  • ​There are no available appointments for the meeting type you selected. We recommend selecting both meeting types to view all options.
  • ​The available times overlap with your scheduled classes or common exam time.
  • ​Some courses have limited availability and have already been booked. Keep checking back as cancellations do happen.
  • Only the courses that you are registered for at Texas A&M University and that are offered for tutoring will show up in Navigate. If you need support for courses you are taking at another institution, look to see what services are offered on that campus.   


ASC tutors will not solve your homework problems. ASC tutors can help you understand, learn, and apply concepts and processes that are found in homework problems. ASC tutors will not help you with labs and/or exams.

It is important to understand your professor's policies regarding working with others in the completion of assigned work. ASC tutors will report suspected honor code violations.

CRLA Certification

Our tutoring program has been approved for all levels of the College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC). This achievement recognizes that the ASC tutoring program has "demonstrated excellence in developing, designing, and implementing strong training procedures, as situated within the context of the tutorial program" and it gives our tutors credit and recognition from an international organizaiton (CRLA).