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Academic Success Center

(979) 458-4900 9th floor Rudder Tower

Call for Proposals

11th Regional Conference on Supplemental Instruction
Late Spring 2023

Sponsored by the Academic Success Center, Texas A&M University 



Proposal Types 

60 Minute Conference Sessions:  we invite proposals on strategic plans for 2021-2022, using a hybrid approach of both online and face-to-face training, supervising/evaluating SI leader performance, and forwarding thinking program initiatives.  These sessions should be interactive and engaging and involve discussions with those in the session.

10-15 Minute Video:  we invite videos that explain aspects of your program or that showcase a technology tool or strategy.  Examples, explain your session plan template or observiation form, show us how you use TEAMs/Discord, etc. to communicate with your leaders, give us a tour of your LMS site's training modules, show us how SI leaders upload session plans or how you track hours and responsibilities, share an activity that students really enjoyed, or do a "how to" video on how to use a cool internet tool to facilitate collaboration. These videos will be posted on the conference site and available throughout the conference and for a couple of weeks after the conference has concluded.  

Be sure to submit a separate written proposal for each proposal type.  For the video proposal, we will contact you after reviewing and accepting your written proposal regarding additional directions on how to submit your video.   

Selection Criteria


Program proposals will be reviewed for selection based on appropriateness, creativity of approach, and/or demonstration of expertise by presenters. Evidence of assessment will strengthen the proposal.


Video Conferencing Technology

Each presenter will be able to use the video conference platform of their choice, provided that it can be accessed by people outside your organization. A member of the conference team will reach out several weeks prior to the conference to get the link, which will be published in the conference booklet.  A member of the conference staff will attend the session as a moderator.  


If your written proposal is accepted, please follow these guidelines for creating your video. Be mindful of the following:  background, noise, lighting, and appropriate language. A member of the conference team will reach out several weeks prior to the conference to get the link to the video for a final review prior to the conference. The conference team reserves the right to not publish the video.