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Academic Success Center

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Instructors: Get SI For Your Class


Staff or instructors can work with their department or college to hire an SI Leader. Departments pay 25% of the total cost of an SI Leader (approximately $500) and provide books. For help with the process, contact us at the Academic Success Center at 

SI Leaders focus on higher-level learning rather than on doing homework or test review. They teach students to learn how to learn and go over basic course concepts that help students solve problems and think analytically and critically.
We do not share this information. Instead, we encourage strongly and enthusiastically suggesting SI to students. We follow national standards for the SI program, according to which attending SI is voluntary, and student privacy rights are primary. 
Data from Texas A&M shows that students who attend SI regularly (10 or more sessions per semester) score half a letter to a full letter grade higher than students who do not attend. Beyond improving grades, students who attend SI are exposed to effective study strategies. Many students do not realize, especially first-time students, that college demands higher levels of learning than memorization. SI Leaders, who have previously taken and mastered course content, serve as a resource, and as role models and guides. See the International Center for Supplemental Instruction at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for more information on the effectiveness of this international program. 
If there is a time conflict with review sessions, SI leaders will gladly reschedule, so students can attend both. SI focuses on how to effectively learn the course material rather than just reviewing the material. 
We seriously consider instructor recommendations for SI Leaders. However, we do not guarantee that recommended students will be hired or assigned to you. We give preference to applicants who have been successful SI leaders in our program. Availability to attend all scheduled lectures is also taken into account. SI Leaders go through a competitive application and interview process, must have at least a 3.0 GPA, and must make at least a B in the course they will work with. They must demonstrate the study skills necessary to be an effective student and be approachable, encouraging, and amiable. They go through a two-day training at the beginning of the semester and meet with group leaders at least once a month. They are observed by supervisors once a semester and are required to report session content and attendance weekly.