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Testing Overview

Tests. Your GPA depends on them, but they don’t have to be sources of unhealthy stress. With the right approach, you can improve how you prepare, study and perform on exams. The resources we provide on StudyHub will help you find your study method, prepare better, reduce test stress and, ultimately, help you ace that midterm or final.
From study plans to tips to help you during the test and, finally, to post-test reviewing that can help you prepare better next time, we provide a variety of resources to help you begin seeing tests as opportunities to show off your knowledge rather than necessary evils.
The best way to prepare for tests is to stay on top of your coursework. Knowing class material means doing assigned readings, going to class ready to participate and take notes, and reviewing your notes regularly.
But what about when an exam is imminent? You need to make a plan that sets you up for success.
Study Plans
We don’t all learn the same way, but giving yourself plenty of time and making a study plan—no matter what form it comes in—helps you generate and organize study materials, as well as break studying up into manageable segments with a schedule that works for you. It is essential to incorporate study preparation and review strategies that makes use of your personal learning preferences.
Check out our 5-Day Study Plan and Learning Preferences handouts.
Study Strategies for Different Test Formats
Tests come in all sorts of formats, from True/False to Essay Questions. Strategies for Different Tests will help you prepare for these.
Maximizing Recall/Minimizing Anxiety
How much you sleep, what you eat, and how active you are, as well as, how well you manage stress during the test, can affect your performance. See How To Keep Calm During Tests for how to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed at test time.
Post-Test Review
The test is over. You think you’re done? Not so fast. It’s time for review. The best way to improve a performance is to review it and see what worked and what didn’t. That way, you know what methods and behaviors to repeat and you learn what you need to change in your study approach to do better the next time. You may want to put this experience behind you, but reviewing could help you ace what’s in front of you. More tests!

Last Updated: 06/05/2019

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