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Academic Success Center

(979) 458-4900 9th floor Rudder Tower

Overview of Programs


Students can make an individual or small group tutoring appointment via Navigate. We have the option for in-person and online appointments. Tutoring is offered starting the second week of each semester until the last day of class. The list of available courses changes slightly each semester; check our website at the beginning of each semester for the most up-to-date offering. We get busy during peak test-taking times of the semester, so scheduling in advanced is recommended. When making the appointment, include specifics about the type of help needed as it will help us better understand the goals of the appointment. If a specific course is not listed on our website or offered through other resources on campus, please email us at


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

In conjunction with The Association of Former Students, we host Supplemental Instruction (SI), an award-winning academic assistance program providing regularly-scheduled, out-of-class group study sessions for select lower-level undergraduate courses, led by an SI Leader. SI leaders, undergraduates who have taken and excelled in the courses they lead, can help you master course content and prepare for quizzes, exams, and class projects. Read more about supplemental instruction.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching combines aspects of advising and counseling into a dynamic and personal interaction between a student and a coach. Academic coaches work holistically to help students examine their learning preferences, study strategies, and barriers to academic success. Students are encouraged to create and implement effective plans and strategies for future success. Most coaching is conducted one-to-one, but we also offer coaching for small groups. We host some coaching services at the Veteran's Resource and Support Center. Read more about academic coaching or watch what students have to say about their experience with Academic Coaching.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

TSI is mandated by the Texas State Legislature. The purpose of TSI is to identify and prepare those students whose basic skills in reading, writing, and/or mathematics are less than what is required to succeed in college level courses. Students who have been accepted to Texas A&M University but are considered "NON-EXEMPT" are required to complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) and then to take the TSI Assessment test before registering for classes. Read more about TSI or find out if you're exempt.


Our academic coaches conduct a variety of free workshops throughout the semester for students interested in improving their academic performance. These workshops consist of 50- to 75-minute sessions over two or three week periods, and cover a variety of topics, including motivation and goal-setting, organization and time management, and overcoming failure, as well as general reading, studying, note-taking, and test-taking strategies. See individual workshop offerings and register.      


Want your class or organization to find out more about the services we offer in the Academic Success Center? We can give short presentations about services offered or tailor more interactive workshops that focus on particular skills that could improve students' academic performance. Request a presentation or find out more about the kind of presentations we can do.


For colleges, departments and offices across campus, we offer training for peer mentors, tutors, and other academic support services. Our trainings are conducted by professional staff members with years of teaching and academic support experience. We can customize trainings to the needs of your department or organization. Request a training or find out more about the kind of training we can do.


StudyHub is an online, searchable database of on-campus academic resources created and maintained by the Academic Success Center. Think of it as a one-stop shop for finding all types of academic support by subject area, type of support, or location. Visit StudyHub and see for yourself.

Success Certificate

Students who have experienced academic difficulty may be referred to the Academic Success Center to earn a Success Certificate. Earning a certificate entails completion of one of our courses, a workshop series, or a combination of academic coaching, workshop participation, and participation in other campus support programs. Students who need a certificate must register for the Fresh Start Orientation held during the first few weeks of each semester.