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Academic Success Center

(979) 458-4900 9th floor Rudder Tower


The Academic Success Center is housed on the 9th and 10th floors of Rudder Tower on main campus. Our office space is used to conduct day-to-day operations, which includes teaching workshops, orientation classes for our certificate program, in-person and online tutoring, peer mentoring for transfer students,  and one-to-one consultations with students in our staff offices. However, much of our tutoring and Supplemental Instruction occur outside our office at various locations and classrooms across campus. Our full time staff is comprised of approximately 22, full-time professionals and includes:

(1) Executive Director 
(1) Director of Academic Coaching  
(1) Director of Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Instructional Programs 
(1) Associate Director of Tutoring and  Supplemental Instruction
(1) Associate Director of STEM resources 
(1) Program Manager (Instructional Programs)
(6) Program Coordinators (Instructional Programs, Tutoring,  and TSI)
(1) Administrative Coordinator
(2) Administrative Associates
(7) Academic Coaches
(~100) Student Workers (Tutors, SI Leaders, Media, Reception, Program Assistants)

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