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Academic Success Center

(979) 458-4900 9th floor Rudder Tower

Advisory Board


The Academic Success Center Advisory Board is comprised of the Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Studies, advisors, librarians, the Veterans Resource and Support Center Director, Academic Success Center Directors, and an undergraduate student. The Advisory Board meets at least once each fall, and spring and provides feedback and advice to the Academic Success Center. 

Name Title Department Position Email
Balester, Valerie Assistant Provost  Academic Success Center Chair
Brookins, Bari Manager College of Liberal Arts Member, 2019-2023
Escamilla, Christina Academic Advisor IV Aeorspace Engineering Member, 2022-2024
Hartnett, Kelley Program Manager School of Performance, Visual, and Fine Arts Member, 2019-2023
Henderson, Jason Director, Academic Services Enginreering, Technology, & Industrail Distribution Member, 2022-2024
Hester, Yvette Senior Associate Director Academic Success Center Member
Hines, Georgia  Executive Assistant III Undergraduate Studies Secretary
Malnar, Meredith Director, Frist year Experience Office for Student Success Member, 2022-2025
McGee, Joel Director Academic Success Center Member
Mitchell. Alex Instructional Assistant Professor University Libraries Member 2022-2025
Mueller, Jillian Academic Advisor II Transition Academic Programs Member 2022-2025
Ogilvie, Andrea Instructional Assistant Professor College of Engineering Member, 2022-2025
O'Neal, Kelley Executive Director Byrne Student Success Center Member, 2022-2025
Romack, Justin   Program Coordinator I Disability Resources Member, 2020-2024
Slack, Lyle  Director Academic Success Center Member
Smith, Gerald Director Veteran Resource
& Support Center
Member, 2020-2024
Witt, Donna Academic Advisor IV Animal Sciences Member, 2020-2024