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Certificate Program Events


Certificate Program

Your college or department may require or recommend—often as a condition of scholastic probation—that you complete a certificate program with the Academic Success Center.  We offer several certificate program options each semester and strongly encourage you to start working on a certificate program as early as possible once the semester begins. After the first few weeks of the semester, some of the options will not be available. If you wait until the second half of the semester to begin, you may not be able to complete a certificate program before the end of the semester. 

In order to complete a certificate program, follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1: Complete “Fresh Start Orientation” Online

Fresh Start Orientation is now offered as an on-line module. 

NOTE: The online Fresh Start Module and agreement form for spring 2021 is no longer available. The module will be updated for the fall semester and students who are referred to a certificate program will be able to find a link to Fresh Start in August. 

You're required to complete a Fresh Start Orientation each semester that you're asked to complete a certificate program, even if you've attended Fresh Start in a previous semester.

Step 2: Choose a Certificate Program Option

After successfully completing the on-line Fresh Start module, you'll have access to a Google form where you can select your Certificate Program option. 

Below are the typical options for completing a certificate program. Some of these options will likely change for Fall 2021. Details about each option will be available in the Fresh Start module. 

  1. ASCC 101: This is a semester long, 2-credit hour course. You may only choose this option if the course fits your schedule and you register before the drop/add deadline, which is on the 5th class day of each semester. To successfully complete ASCC 101, you must earn a letter grade of C or higher. 
  2. Commit to Success:  Commit to Success is a multi-session workshop series with a total of 6 hours of instruction. Among the topics covered are time management, note taking, text-book reading, test preparation, memory, metacognition, motivation, and effective study strategies. This workshop has a required attendance policy. 
  3. Motivation Matters: Motivation Matters is a multi-session workshop series with a total of 6 hours of instruction. It is recommended to students who have previously completed a certificate program or who are close to graduation. The topics covered will help you develop strong mental skills that are conducive to academic success and to success beyond your time at Texas A &M. This workshop has a required attendance policy. 
  4. GRIT: The GRIT workshop is organized around three major topics that include the fear of failing, mindsets that affect academic performance, and developing resilience to overcome previous failure. Classes are designed to include brief lectures, group participation, videos, and tangible activities to understand and apply information being discussed in the workshop. This workshop has a required attendance policy. 
  5. Academic Coaching (Group): In group coaching, a small number of students meet with an academic coach twice per week for two weeks to discuss a range of academic issues and best practices that enhance academic performance. Topics vary dependent on the interests and needs of group members. Attendance at all four sessions is mandatory and all student participants are expected to contribute to discussions.
  6. Academic Coaching (One-to-One): Academic coaching consists of one-on-one meetings with one of our Academic Coaches. At an initial coaching session, you and your Academic Coach will collaborate to develop a plan of action to help you develop effective study strategies and connect you to appropriate academic resources. There are not a fixed number of coaching appointments required in order to earn a certificate.  Since this option is tailored to your specific needs, your academic coach will determine when you have successfully completed this option and have earned a certificate. In select instances, you may be assigned to a small group that meets together for support and coaching. You will be given information at Fresh Start about how to schedule your first coaching appointment.

Step 3: Completion and Certificate

We do not provide hard copy certificates. Once you have successfully completed the program, we tag your profile in Navigate.  Your advisor or the office who referred you to us can see this tag.